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Brett Burner’s sermons are provided here for free in audio and video formats for you to dig deep and grow in your faith in Jesus!

These individual sermons cover a variety of important topics, including Forgiveness, our financial giving, our attitude toward the lost, and the sincerity of our love for others.

Brett Burner - May 3, 2020

Unveiled – 2 Corinthians 3:18

We can be so consumed with our daily lives, whether it’s living in quarantine, worried about our livelihood, or dealing with unpleasant people. But what if we could fully understand that God wants to draw our minds out of this world and into a heavenly mindset. A view of live that supersedes our troubles and helps us look at things eternally. What if by doing so, you could find true peace? A veil is removed from our eyes when we turn to the Lord, by which we are given true freedom — freedom to no longer live in bondage. Are you still living for this world, or are you living life Unveiled? Run Free by Jon Foreman ℗ 2018 lowercase people records

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