Books & Graphic Novels

Genuine Faith, 224 pages


Suffering. It can be a frightening word. But even in the midst of your pain, God’s plan is not that you would lose your faith, but that your faith would be refined and grow stronger than ever before!

Come on a transformative journey through First Peter that examines Peter’s words in depth, explores biblical principles, and helps you see yourself as God sees you. It is a practical look at why God allows suffering in our lives, and the surprising benefit it provides us. It is a discovery of your value, your identity, and the mighty purpose God has for you.

In between suffering and eternal life is an expedition of hope designed to bring you joy, provide you with peace, and lead you into a Genuine Faith.

Genuine Faith is a beacon of hope and a must-read for anyone seeking solace, inspiration, and resolve in the midst of adversity.”
Stu Streeter, V.P. of Ministry Advancement & Church Multiplication, North American Baptists

Hand of the Morningstar: The Complete Series, 1200 pages

Trade Paperback

In the battle between good and evil, it’s hard to tell who’s on which side.

With the world watching, opposing forces of super-powered beings clash in battles that reveal whether the Morningstar fights for the cause of good…or evil.

In the storm of battle, it’s hard to tell friend from foe. The Hand of the Morningstar, a group of barely known, super-powered beings serve a mysterious leader. Enter a turbulent stranger with hurricane-like powers, calling himself the Tempest and claiming to fight for the environment. Futuristic technology has become the present reality, and a new terrorist network is threatening global stability. Who is really out to save the world? When this war is over and a victor emerges, the citizens of earth had better hope they’ve chosen their heroes wisely.

The Hand of the Morningstar is a story of redemption and sacrifice, of love and the desire for greatness, of incredible power versus immense faith. Nothing is what it seems, and the fate of the entire planet is at stake.


Hand of the Morningstar is a complex super-hero story. The heroes aren’t all heroes. Some of the bad guys use language and phrases like a church-going person might use . . . and that’s terrifying. We’re exposed to a wonderful love story, and exploration on truth and deception, redemption, damnation and the ultimate source of power. Fans of comics, superheroes, complex characters and action absolutely need to check out these books.”
Nathan J. Norman, Pastor, Writer