A native of San Diego, Brett Burner is a pastor, author, and Bible teacher with a passion for leading people into a deeper intimacy with the Father through a better understanding of God’s Word. He has spent three decades in the publishing industry as a publisher, editor, designer, and content creator. Brett and his wife, Karla, have been married for thirty years and have three children.

“My greatest passion for ministry is in teaching the Word of God. My greatest joy is in leading people through the Bible and helping them to understand its over-arching metanarrative, the story over the story which always points us to the Cross. The Bible is God’s love letters, his correspondence, to us, and there is no better way of finding intimacy with God than through it. I discover that the more a person learns of the Bible, the deeper their devotion to God, and the more they want to discover about Him. This leads to understanding, and then maturity. It is in maturity where the believer truly recognizes the depth of his salvation and is able to differentiate between being motivated by love and compassion rather than duty or compulsion.”