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The Apostle John tells us that he wrote his Gospel that we might believe and have life.  He recounts Jesus’ singular command that we love one another.  This series takes a hard look at some of the darker intentions of not only the religious leaders, but the selfish motives of the crowds themselves.  Undeterred, Jesus continues speaking hard truths, and driving home our need to Believe, Live, and Love!

Brett Burner - May 16, 2021

A Little Faith – John 6:1-15

The Gospel of John: Believe, Live & Love

Jesus miraculously feeds a crowd of five thousand with just a few loaves and fishes, but the significance of the story is that Jesus never asked for a huge budget or big ministry—just a little faith and the willingness to bring an offering, trusting Jesus to do the rest. || Run Free by Jon Foreman ℗ 2018 lowercase people records

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