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While First Peter explores suffering and persecution from outside the church, Second Peter takes a deeper look at the struggles which come from inside the church.

Beginning with an understanding of the journey God has called us to, Peter describes some of the types of people to be wary of who infiltrate the church body.  Ultimately, he shows us that God has a plan.  Not to fear men, but to look forward to Christ’s return.

Brett Burner - March 8, 2020

False Prophets – 2 Peter 2:1-4,21

Second Peter: Growing in Grace and Knowledge

Jesus, Peter and Paul all warn about false prophets and teachers that will come into our lives and creep into the church to draw people away from the gospel. What are their characteristics? What should we be looking for? How serious is this warning? Explore with us as we examine the "zoology of the false teachers" — wolves, dogs, and pigs, and their ulterior motives for the body of Christ.

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